Luxury saloon cars in Perugia

For your wedding but also for birthdays or hen parties

Renting a car is a very popular choice for different types of ceremonies: birthdays, hen parties and weddings.
When you think about the most important day in the life of a person, the day when a couple makes their promises of love in front of relatives and friends, it is normal to think of the happy couple on a beautiful high-powered car or on a vintage car so that their wedding video and pictures will be outstanding and beautiful.

Choosing to rent a car for a ceremony could also have other reasons beyond appearance if, for example, you cannot use your own car and there are no other means to move.
Trasco Autonoleggi offers a car rental service for ceremonies in Perugia with a wide range of choices and all the necessary assistance.
The company has operated in the transport of people and the tourist industry since 1976, is based in Spoleto and thanks to its large fleet it guarantees that all customers' needs are met.

A ceremony normally means a great number of guests who often need a transfer with driver, either for personal reasons or, for example, because they do not want to drive after the party.
If you are planning a wedding in Umbria, please don't hesitate to contact the Trasco company that provides luxury saloon cars in Perugia.
All cars of the company have the best and latest accessories to ensure a comfortable and relaxing transfer.

Organising a ceremony is always a very complex activity, it is necessary to keep track of every little detail and find a solution to any problem: relying on professionals, you will be sure to get a quality service without any worry.
Over the years, the Trasco company has set a new benchmark for quality in this industry and besides luxury saloon cars, it also provides buses, minibuses and several other types of vehicles for the transfer of people.