Minibus Rental

A minibus is the ideal means of transport for travelling with friends or relatives

Minibuses are small buses, usually with 8/9 seats, and they are the ideal choice when you organise a trip with a group of friends or relatives.
If, for example, you are planning to attend the wedding of a distant cousin and you would like to go there in the company of your family, you can contact Trasco which offers minibus rental services in Assisi.
Minibuses are also ideal for the transport of guests for a wedding or special ceremonies, all you need to do is to contact professionals who can guarantee a modern and efficient vehicle.
Our minibuses can be hired with or without a driver, depending on whether you need someone who drives.
Are you thinking of going on vacation with a group of friends, perhaps to visit Umbria and all its beautiful sights?
Since 1976 Trasco has been providing transfer for people and also minibus rental in Assisi, it has a large fleet and professional and qualified staff. This way, the company based in Spoleto, in the province of Perugia, offers its clients the opportunity to experience an alternative, pleasant and cheap way to enjoy their journeys in the company of friends and family.
Choosing a minibus is also a great way to experience the journey as a little adventure without giving up the comfort of a family car.
Hiring a minibus allows you to move freely, with all the necessary space and comforts, and at the same time enjoy the scenery and the places that are crossed.
The goal of the Trasco company is to guarantee the full satisfaction of all its clients with careful quality service, especially ensuring their safety.
Since the late 1970s the company has always been able to understand the changes in the travel and transfer industry to meet all the needs of its clients.
For this reason today the company is recognised and appreciated in the transport of people and it also offers some of its services abroad.