Public Transport in Spoleto

Getting around the city safely

Public transport is an authorised service that complies with traffic regulations to ensure a safe journey for all passengers.
For this reason it is necessary that all vehicles used for the transport of people have regular documentation that authorises them to travel only on specific routes.
Trasco Autonoleggi is a registered company that offers transport and rental services with driver for transfers or tourists. All vehicles are driven by experienced and qualified drivers who offer a quality service.
The company also operates public transport in Spoleto, offering an efficient and attentive service.
For local public transport, the company uses different types of vehicles, all equipped with every comfort and driven by qualified personnel.
The needs of public transport in a city are varied and can range from commuting for study or work to other transfer necessities, often for pleasure.
Public transport is very often the only solution to get around if you cannot use your own car, also the use of public transport is encouraged by environmental protection agencies to reduce pollution.
Public transport in Spoleto is run by Trasco Autonoleggi that since the late 1970s has operated in the transport sector and over time it has become a benchmark for its quality and a synonym of honesty and reliability.