Food and Wine

Discovering Umbria and its typical products

Apart from being the heart of Italy, Umbria is known around the world for its many gastronomic delights: another great reason to visit this region together with its sacred places.
Throughout Umbria, you will have the opportunity to eat exceptional food: unforgettable flavours that make great this small territory.
Each part of the Region has its own traditional recipes and dishes, still prepared using the traditional methods of the past: meats, cured meats, legumes, cheeses and especially delicious pastry and excellent wine.
There are many wine and food tasting tours to taste all these delights, for example some wine tours that will make you discover two beautiful medieval towns, Bevagna and Montefalco.
Instead, if you love black truffle, you cannot avoid visiting Norcia, renowned throughout the world for this product with intense flavour; also the famous sausage of Norcia and the renowned Norcini, sausage makers who take their name from the town.
If you want to enjoy some fine lake fish, the whole area around Lake Trasimeno is what you are looking for.
In order to taste all that delicious food and wine, Trasco Autonoleggi suggests a series of gastronomic tours able to delight even the most discriminating palates.
In addition to regional meats and wines, a trip to Umbria is also the best way to discover and taste the delicious oil produced in Trevi, another tourist location in the area, rich in oil mills and whose oil is known for its intense and unmistakable aroma. 
No season is better than the other for a trip to Umbria: Autumn, being harvest time, is a very suggestive season but also Winter allows tourists to enjoy the local specialities; Spring and Summer allow tourists to explore the green areas of the Region on a bike or on foot, still enjoying the local food.
Any season you decide to come, it is important to contact a specialist in the transport of people like Trasco Autonoleggi to have a comfortable and safe means of transport for your own tour.