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Vehicles for sports events and more

Sports events are often an occasion for many people to come together, drawing fans from every corner of the country and gathering spectators from different town.
Every time there is a sports event, it is necessary to transport people to the location where the event will take place.
If you want to attend any sports event in Umbria, the Trasco company offers a convenient car rental service in Valnerina.
It is a valley that takes its name from the River Nera that flows through it and which is every year home to many sports, religious and gastronomic events. 
The Saffron Market Fair and the Market Fair of the Black Truffle of Norcia; Live Nativity Scenes and the Bread Ham and Fantasy Festival of Preci; the Cheese Flower Festival of Vallo di Nera and the Farro and Broad Bean Fair of Monteleone di Spoleto; the Flower Farming Exhibition of Sant'Anatolia di Narco and Impostor Fair of Cerreto di Spoleto are just some of the festivities that take place in this beautiful area.
Also, many sports events that involve the locals, including games and football matches and many other sports.
The car rental service in Valnerina allows tourists to travel easily from one location to another and especially to transport groups, for example the teams competing in the sports events.

All vehicles provided by Trasco Autonoleggi are modern and equipped with all comforts:
● Satellite Navigation
● Ergonomic and Reclining Seats
● Foot Rests
● Air Conditioning
● Individual Heating Vents

Depending on the number of people to transport, the company based in Spoleto can provide cars, buses and minibuses, all with driver.
Also operating in the sector of public transport and student transport, the company ensures a highly professional service in Umbria and since the late 1970s it has expanded its services even abroad, becoming a reference point in the industry.
Please don't hesitate to contact the company for more information or for a quote.