Car rental

Exploring sacred places in a convenient and safe way

Umbria is one of the Italian regions that attract many pilgrims and one of the Italian areas with the highest rate of religious tourism.
The success of a tourist destination is due particularly to the ability of all companies involved in creating an efficient system to offer the end user a range of high quality services.
Among them, transport has a fundamental role, especially when it comes to religious tourism usually characterised by the influx of groups of tourists, often people of old age who may need much attention and care.
Umbria offers much to all pilgrims who visit it every year: itineraries that include a visit to the Sanctuary of Saint Francis but also remote mountain hermitages in the mountains.
Cascia is a town known to all religious people as the birthplace of Saint Rita and the site of her shrine.
Whether you are a fervent religious person, an architecture enthusiast or simply a curious tourist, if you need a way to get around during your trip, Trasco Autonoleggi offers a car rental service in Cascia.

Umbria is a very green region situated in the heart of the Apennines, the second biggest mountain range in Italy, and so, because of many ascents and inaccessible roads, a lot of places are difficult to reach on foot.
If you arrive by train or plane, you will be able to travel freely in the region using a car rental service in Cascia offered by the Trasco company.
The company, based in Spoleto, has a modern fleet of vehicles equipped with all comforts to make sure that your journey will be an unforgettable experience: your only problem will be finding the time to visit all the beautiful attractions of Umbria, including sacred places loved by many Italians and foreigners as well.
All you need to do is contact the Trasco company and choose a vehicle suitable for your needs to travel in the most convenient and fast way.