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Discovering the city of San Benedetto

Umbria is the ideal region to make different types of tours to discover its cultural and artistic treasures: rich in cathedrals, sanctuaries and other religious monuments, the centre of Italy is also the ideal place to visit some of the most beautiful Italian villages and admire breathtaking views of the Apennines.
One of the towns that every year attract many tourists is Norcia, an ancient town founded by the Sabines, whose name according to some theories comes from Norcia, that Etruscan goddess of fortune.
Characteristic buildings found in the town near the walls are the Marcite, water meadows uses for collection irrigation and water distribution built by Benedictine monks between 400 and 500 AD, that over the years have turned a large part of the territory into a fertile a productive land.
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The town is famous worldwide mainly because of St. Benedict, patron of Europe, who was born and lived in Norcia. His rule combined the Eastern monastic traditions with the Western ones to create new philosophical ideas.
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