Car Rental in Perugia

Cars equipped with all comforts for comfortable journeys

Renting a car is the ideal solution when for various reasons you cannot use your own vehicle. Today, a car is essential to be able to move, but it is not often possible to have one available: fortunately car rental services come to rescue. A car can be rented for a short term or long term. We call it short-term rental when you take a car for a very short period of time like one or two days, a weekend; we talk about long-term rental when the car is used for a longer period of time, for example, weeks or months.

Car rental in Perugia is one of the services offered by Trasco, a company operating in the transport of people since 1976 and that over time has significantly expanded its offer in the industry.
Renting a car is the right choice to make a long trip as it allows you to use public transport like trains or planes and then visit the area with a rented car.
The most important thing is to turn to professionals who can offer not only excellent service, but also assistance in any situation.
Over the years, Trasco has improved its car rental services in Perugia setting a benchmark for the tourism and transport industry because of its careful and attentive service highly appreciated by all its customers. The company provides you with the right vehicle for any occasion.
The company has a large fleet of vehicles fully equipped and able to transport 9 to 55 people; also, the company employs qualified drivers who offer a high quality service.

Some of the comforts you can find on Trasco's vehicles:
● Satellite Navigation
● Ergonomic and Reclining Seats
● Foot rests
● Air Conditioning
● Individual Heating Vents