Student transport in Spoleto

A service for all local students

A commuting service is essential for all those students who do not reside in the city where their school is located. Although almost all towns have primary and secondary schools, there are many exceptions and in particular high schools are only found in bigger towns or cities attended by students from the neighbouring areas.
For this reason, to avoid overburdening parents with the daily commuting of their children from home to school, local institutions usually provide shuttle services for students between their towns and the schools.
Trasco Autonoleggi also offers student transport in Spoleto providing students who need to reach school with both vehicles and drivers.
Transfer to and from the various schools in the area is particularly necessary when public transport is not enough for the students' needs.
As most passengers are minors, one of the most important characteristics of a student transport service is safety and families should be sure that the transport takes place in full compliance with all applicable regulations to ensure a safe journey.
Today, Trasco Autonoleggi is one of the leading companies in the transport of people for its reliability and safety and besides offering local public transport services, it also offers student transport services in Spoleto.
Modern vehicles, safe and equipped with all comforts: this is what Trasco offers with its large fleet of vehicles, providing since the end of the 1970s a high level of service.
Because of its professionalism, the company has considerably grown and now it offers its services not only nationally, but also internationally.
The company can offer not only public and student transport, but also rental of vehicles for any travel need, in addition to bus and minibus rental for group transfer, school trips and all kinds of ceremonies.
For further details please don't hesitate to contact the company.